Eagle Aluminum Cast Products

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Eagle Aluminum Cast Products: Superior Aluminum Sand and Permanent Mold Castings

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products offers superior solutions for aluminum sand and permanent mold castings. Our three divisions allow us to manage every step of your project.

Our permanent mold division is your solution for low-cost aluminum casting with an excellent surface finish. This division is designed to meet those needs for castings in a broad array of shapes, sizes and complexities.

With over 100 years of experience, our greensand division is recognized as one of the few foundries in the world with expertise in producing large, thin-walled aluminum castings, making us your resource for large aluminum parts.

Our in-house pattern division works together with the permanent mold and greensand divisions to design patterns specialized in wood, steel and cast-iron tooling.

As a lean manufacturer, our processes have been refined to eliminate waste and maximize productivity, providing you higher quality, shorter lead times, quicker turnaround and the lowest possible cost for jobs of any volume, size, weight or thickness.

As part of the Eagle Group, we manage your project from concept to completion.