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High-Quality Aluminum Casting

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products is one of three foundries within The Eagle Group, specializing in casting aluminum alloys. We have decades of experience in pattern making, casting and finishing–all provided within excellent lead times. Eagle Aluminum also maintains certification to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products is able to provide a complete machined part through Eagle CNC Technologies, the only machine shop within The Eagle Group. This provides the convenience and benefits of a completed casting delivered from an “in-house” company, as well as the quality, customer service and delivery for which The Eagle Group is known. Eagle Aluminum Cast Products is capable of providing many other finishing processes delivered by our approved suppliers. Anodizing, powder coating, polishing and finish blasting are just a few of the additional processes we can offer.

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products specializes in aluminum casting through permanent mold, semi-permanent mold and green sand casting processes. Using the traditional method of hand ladles and gravity to feed aluminum into molds, we provide quality castings with excellent lead times. Eagle Aluminum Cast Products embodies the perfect combination of traditional and Lean manufacturing by maintaining versatility of our furnaces and presses. We utilize working “cells” to reduce non-productive steps, enabling us to provide competitive pricing.

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products is willing to take on the jobs that our competitors will not. Whether your problem is a reduction of volume or the creation of a new part, Eagle Aluminum Cast Products is the solution. For more information please contact our Sales Department. We are eager to find out how we can meet your aluminum casting needs.

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